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Meet Summer Loving

Contemporary Art: I love experimenting with new art supplies and concepts! This particular process of using high flow paint may not be new to some, but for me it is! I thought that the only effect that high flow paints would give is the drip effect on a piece of art. I love the drip effect; however, I wanted to see what else I could do with it! I started with a small canvas. The canvas is one that has the staples running up the sides of the frame because in case I made a mess, I wouldn’t feel bad about the canvas! Anyway, I began by picking a few colors and dripping a few drops randomly onto the canvas. I took a paintbrush and swirled it around until all of the colors blended. I wasn’t trying to create anything in particular, I was just seeing what would happen through the process. After I spread the paint across the canvas, I added alcohol drops/splatters onto the wet paint for some texture. As this was drying, I began to see shapes forming. After the paint dried, I came back to it and turned the canvas in every direction to see what I could see with my imagination. This is the fun part of painting in this style! When I turned it a certain way, I began to see a magenta vase with flowers sitting on a yellow surface. To define the shapes that I was seeing, I painted the negative space with complimentary acrylic colors that would show texture and allow the forms to come to life. I loved what was happening in this piece! After letting it dry again, I added details and ornamentation to finish this piece. I love how it turned out using this technique of painting! Her name is “Summer Loving.”

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